What is the Best Waterproofing Agent for Foundation?

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What is the Best Waterproofing Agent for Foundation?

To guarantee the structural stability and safety of a building, it is essential to carry out the proper execution of the foundation of the work. Foundation beams are responsible for ensuring peace of mind and long life for the works and, for this reason, they must be waterproofed. But what is the best waterproofing agent for foundation?

This structure is one of first elements of civil construction that needs to go through a process of waterproofing, to ensure that in the future there will be no seepage and ensure more durability for the entire structure. The use of waterproofing products Correct ones offer many advantages.

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What is the importance of waterproofing foundations?

To have a quality and durable structural and architectural design, Is it essential to waterproof foundation's beams. These structures are placed just below ground level and need to be reinforced to ensure long life for the entire structure. In cases of firm terrain with light load traffic, these elements can be considered the foundation of the work itself.

Foundation NBR waterproofing

All stages of the work must follow some basic rules for proper waterproofing. Here, when we talk about waterproofing, we not only refer to the choice of products, but also to the process as a whole, that is, preparation of the substrate + product + application.

Each of these steps has a specific NBR, which defines the process and reduces the chances of error during the general waterproofing phase.

For the preparation part of the substrate, the NBR base followed is ABNT NBR 7200 - Execution of wall and ceiling cladding from inorganic mortars - Procedure. This standard defines the preparation of the coating base, the preparation of the inorganic mortars and the application of the mortars. If you want to know more about the NBR 7200, we did This complete article about the standard.

The product phase is guided by NBR 9575, which establishes the requirements and recommendations related to the selection and design of waterproofing, so that the minimum requirements are met for the protection of the construction against the passage of fluids, health requirements, safety and user comfort.

During the application part of the products, NBR 9574 must be followed. This standard establishes the waterproofing procedure for each type of product and the precautions that must be taken in each of these situations.

If you want to know more about NBR 9574, we also did The most complete article on the subject.

What is the best waterproofing agent for foundation?

As the foundation beam is an element that is buried in the building, repair or maintenance works are very complicated and, most of the time, not feasible. In rainy periods, a phenomenon known as rising humidity is evident, which occurs due to the waterlogging of the soil.

When foundations are improperly waterproofed or with poor quality products, rising humidity provides classic signs, such as paint peeling, mold stains, and the proliferation of fungi and mold on the wall, about 50 cm from the floor.

To avoid these inconveniences and the extra expenses, waterproofing resin is considered to be the best solution to seal off moisture ingress and avoid cases of infiltration. This type of waterproofing ensures more durability and safety for buildings.

The best waterproofing agent for foundation

O Blok EP 2 it is a highly resistant waterproofing resin for polymer mortar and suitable for foundations, plastering, foundations, underlayment planters and places with a high incidence of rain. This semi-flexible coating for negative pressures is made from mineral additives, modifiers and high-performance acrylic resin. Great solution to prevent infiltration and ensure long life of buildings.

What are the benefits of waterproofing foundation?

Correctly waterproofing foundation, as well as other stages of a project, offers many benefits. Waterproof a construction blocks the passage of moisture, preventing the proliferation of mold, mold and peeling of walls, causing aesthetic and structural damage. It also reduces the risks of degradation of plastering, which can cause its detachment and, in some cases, serious damage to the structure as a whole.

Correct waterproofing reduces maintenance costs and guarantees more savings. In addition, protecting surfaces reduces the risk of stains, cracks, or other visual and structural damage, which will require expenses not foreseen in the budget.

Therefore, when choosing the best waterproofing agent for foundation, give preference to quality products recognized in the market. In this way, it is possible to guarantee more strength, safety and durability for the construction, in addition to saving on extra maintenance and repairs.

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