BlokForma Woods

Concrete Desmolder for Wood Forms

BlokForma Paste

Release Agent Wax for Concrete for Precast Tracks, Concrete on Concrete, Plastic Forms and Metal Forms

BlokForma Metals

Concrete Release Agent for Metal Forms


BlokSeal Floors

Water repellent for Porous Floors



Water repellent for plaster


BlokSeal CC

Water-repellent Silicone


BlokGesso Glue

Additive for Making Gypsum Glue

Areas of Expertise
Construction companies, developers, factories and large scale projects

In our main line of business, solidity is the watchword. Tailor-made waterproofing products for your construction company.

Buildings, residences, condominiums and independent professionals

Trust: an element present in all our product formulas. Waterproofing for any challenge.

Product development
industries, construction companies and manufacturers of construction supplies

Ready to face any challenge.

Our Story

We invest in respect, transparency and a lot of seriousness to offer much more than high-quality products.

And with almost 30 years of history, we have proven that a good product alone is not enough to obtain the desired result in construction.

It is necessary to keep an eye on the horizon and offer the best Technical Support to our consumers and partners.

That's exactly what we, from Souza Filho Waterproofing, through our Blok product line, we offer: complete chemical solutions, with high-performance products and specialized support in civil construction.

With almost 30 years of history,
Do you know what we learned?

That this is just the beginning.

Tailor-made waterproofing agents.

Waterproofing for any challenge.

No matter what your challenge is, we have the ideal waterproofing agent for your work.
You can't just call a customer who has been with us for almost 30 years. That's why Souza Filho Waterproofing in Sorocaba produces product lines for all needs.

Whether it's a residential application or a project that challenges Civil Engineering, the products Blok Waterproofing agents are tailor-made for any challenge.

In each package of our products you can find the ideal solution in waterproofing, sealants, mold release agents, plasticizers and much more for the conservation and waterproofing of your work.
Blok Waterproofing