Blok. For any challenge.


We are ready to face any challenge.

We thoroughly study each need of our clients and go to great lengths to present tailor-made solutions.
Therefore, in addition to offering the best products on the market, we are also a reference in technical support.

For any challenge

If you want to know more about us and Blok products, get in touch now.

We go to great lengths to face any challenge and offer the best solutions in high quality products.

BLOK is the technology at the service of your construction.

It is the guarantee that the final result will reflect all the technical knowledge of everyone involved in your project.

More than preserving the excellence of your construction, we are always at your side.

Ready to answer any question. Ready to face any challenge.

With Blok, you buy waterproofers and gain a trusted partner. Get in touch and learn more about us and our products.

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Gonçalves Júnior Street, 521 - Vila Barão
Sorocaba - SP - Zip Code: 18065-610
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Rua Esperança, 478 - Jardim Santa Fé
Sorocaba - SP - Zip Code: 18031-310