Learn about the Characteristics and Applications of the Chapisco Additive

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 Learn about the Characteristics and Applications of the Chapisco Additive

The chapisco is one of the most important stages of cladding the brickwork of a building or renovation. It plays an essential role in building quality, contributing to an impeccable finish.

Whether on the inside, outside, walls or facades, chapisco must be the subject of attention, as it will guarantee the best adhesion between the base of masonry and the layers of coatings, providing greater strength and durability.

Do you know the Additive for chapisco? It is a component developed to improve services and improve construction results. Check out, in this post, what it is and the advantages of this product, which can provide incredible benefits for structures!

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What is the additive for chapisco?

Chapisco is a thin layer of a mixture of cement, coarse-grained sand and additive, which increases the mechanical strength between masonry, plastering and final coating. To ensure that chapisco is efficient, it is necessary to add the additive, which is a product to improve adhesion and provide better performance.

What are the characteristics and applications of the chapisco additive?

The chapisco additive has technical characteristics that incorporate adhesion, alloying, plasticity and water reduction in the composition, ideal for providing greater resistance to mortar and concrete. The characteristics of the additive increase plasticity and reduce permeability of the material.

It can be applied to various surfaces, such as:

  • adhesion base for mortar of plastering;
  • internal or external embossing;
  • common internal or external chapiscus;
  • adhesion bridge for subfloor mortar;
  • beams and columns.

As the additive was developed specifically for the chapisco service, its characteristics act in a punctual manner to ensure greater adhesion in all situations, forming uniform and resistant structures, regardless of the type of use and environment that was built.

What are the advantages of using chapisco additives?

Every stage of a work or renovation has a direct influence on the final result. This means that the harmony between skilled labor and quality products provides safe and durable structures.

Therefore, the use of chapisco additive is relevant and contributes significantly to achieving the project objectives, as it offers important advantages for the construction sector. See what they are!

Optimal dilution

The chapisco additive, BlokFix, is an economic product that yields a lot. It can be diluted from two to five parts of water, which reduces cement consumption without losing its roughness and strength. The cost-benefit of the additive for the construction is excellent.

Excellent adhesion

The purpose of chapisco is to form a rough layer to correct imperfections and give more adhesion to the coatings. When using the additive, the adhesion will be even greater. Both plastering and plastering will be stronger.

Use indoors and outdoors

Versatility is yet another advantage of using chapisco additives. It is a product that can be used both indoors and outdoors, without restrictions or limitations with the same efficiency.

Prevents mortar shrinkage

The retraction It concerns cracks that occur due to the loss of water in the Healing process. It is a problem that compromises the strength and efficiency of the structure. The use of chapisco additive avoids this setback and promotes the durability of buildings.

Compatibility with Portland cement

The additive sums up the properties of Portland cement and increases adhesion, providing greater resistance for the application of the coatings. It is fully compatible with Portland cement, making it easier to work and finish.

Dry and flexible appearance

When applied with an additive, chapisco has a visible improvement in appearance, remaining dry and with greater flexibility. These factors are essential for the quality of the finish.

How should the additive be used?

Chapisco is the first step to having a well-finished structure. In a construction or renovation, there are many types of base that need to be properly prepared with chapisco to receive the coating and compose the finish.

Although it is a simple and safe process, knowing How to splash around on the wall it is essential for efficiency, a perfect and durable finish, achieving all the objectives and expected results.

O additive product for chapisco must be inserted when preparing the mixture to form the mortar. The most common is to make the composition 1:3, in the ratio of cement and coarse-grained sand. During this process, the additive is placed according to the manufacturer's specifications.

With the previously prepared base surface, free from dust, debris and with all faults and joints filled in, the compound containing the additive and mortar is thrown onto the wall in thin layers.

To begin the next finishing steps, which are The plastering and the plastering, it is necessary to wait for the curing time to dry and the chapisco additive to act, improving adhesion. After this time, the remaining layers can be done properly.

Why invest in the product?

The objective of every project is to provide buildings that combine aesthetics, safety and functionality. In this context, any investment in products that complement each other and provide more strength and durability to structures is very important.

The chapisco additive is a product developed with high technology to enhance the base, providing more strength, adhesion and durability. These benefits are essential to have quality structures.

In addition, the additive avoids waste that occurs when applying chapisco, since, when mixed with cement and sand, it increases adhesiveness and is better adapted to surface, offering ideal conditions to apply the other finishing steps with peace of mind.

Having the chapisco additive is essential for a modern work that values quality at an excellent cost-benefit ratio. It is an investment that reduces the chances of having problems such as retractions, seepage and fissuring, which generate rework and are a major risk for any building.

The benefits of chapisco additive increase adhesion on masonry substrates and concrete, improving properties and offering ideal conditions to do an impeccable job that will please everyone involved. Therefore, it is a great ally for the construction sector.

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